Revenue Opportunity on Vancouver Island

Heritage Garden Apartments Port Alberni, BC

Offered at $849,000


The Numbers


Credit Union financing is available to qualified buyers.  Documentation for all numbers and business operations is available when an offer is on the table.  Vendor extends courtesy to realtors and offers a finders fee if your client makes the purchase.

Net Operating Income lets you know how much you can expect to have in your pocket each month for debt servicing and profit.

The Net Operating Income:

Annual Income:    $91,000 (rents and laundry) minus

Annual Expenses: $25,000 (inc. 10% management/maintenance)

equals: $66,000 annual NOI

Property values have stabilized across Canada and now is the time to buy.  Sales are up as homeowners and investors take advantage of low interest rates. Vancouver Island Real Estate Board statistics indicate that as the local economy is strong, real estate sales and average prices have returned to former levels.  Port Alberni is slower than larger island cities to swing up, so there is still opportunity for a significant equity build.

Heritage Garden Apartments comfortably pays its own expenses plus an income, while you wait for the equity to build.  If you invest the full price without financing, you can expect a return of 7%.  This will increase over time as rents increase.

Property is traditionally seen as the safest and easiest long-term investment.  This is especially true in today’s economic climate where many investment strategies have disappointed and hurt even the most conservative investor.

Capitalization Rate is an indicator of the rate of return on an investment based on the Net Operating Income and the Purchase Price.  Heritage Garden Apartments has a CAP rate of 7.  For revenue properties on Vancouver Island this is a very good score.

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