Revenue Opportunity on Vancouver Island

Heritage Garden Apartments Port Alberni, BC

Offered at $849,000


Fire Equipment

The heat sensor alarm system is original to the building and functioning well.  There are fire extinguishers and emergency lights at each inside landing.  The smoke and heat dual sensor alarms in each suite are hard wired and tamper proof.  The alarm system and extinguishers are checked annually by qualified technicians who report directly to the municipal Fire Department.  The emergency lights and in-suite alarms are checked routinely by management.

Heat and Hot Water

Heat and hot water are supplied by a central gas-fired furnace.  Installed in 1995, it is functioning well and a high quality thermostat with multiple settings makes it an efficient system that is easily controlled by management..  Annual maintenance is performed by a supplier authorized heating specialist.  As it is a hot water radiant system, the building plumbing company, is also qualified to do repairs and maintenance.  This means that emergency response is readily available.  The sixty gallon hot water tank easily supplies the entire building using a cost-effective ‘on-demand’ system.

Tradespeople for routine and emergency maintenance

A team of tradespeople, familiar with the building, is in place. They provide casual, specialist and emergency services for minor repairs and standard improvements, routine cleaning, window repair and installation, painting, electrical and plumbing.


Heritage Garden Apartments is fully insured for damage, liability, and  additional essential business protections.  The brokerage firm is familiar with the building and is the most likely source of on-going coverage.

Property Management

Owner management is simple for this turn-key operation.  A dependable building assistant is an on-site ‘point of contact’ with authority to call for emergency repairs.  She takes care of recycling, provides first response to tenancy inquiries, does routine checks and reports on maintenance and tenancy issues. The cleaner is also responsible for reporting anything in need of attention.


This is a purpose-built apartment building and meets all municipal requirements

Business and Management Systems are Running Smoothly


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